About Us


How we got started

Becoming experts in all things real estate started when we purchased our first home together in 2013. From searching for the perfect house for over a year to finding a foreclosure and renovating it into the home for us, we learned several things.
1. It's a lot of work and requires a lot of time and knowledge that most people don't have.
2. We found a new passion that wakes us up in the morning and keeps us up at night.
3. We want to share our talents with every other buyer looking for their 'move-in ready' home! Whether it's remodeling an existing property or building a brand new home, we have what it takes. 


Who we are

We are licensed as a contractor in the state of Iowa; we build new construction and remodel existing homes in the Cedar Rapids Metro Area. We work as a team; Jenna is the primary designer for the business and has a vivid imagination to create the perfect design for every style and space. Luke is the skill and the braun. His execution delivers on style, time and budget. When you see our portfolio, we think you'll agree! 

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Why we do it

We are proud to run our business for our children. Showing them what determination and strong work ethic truly mean when it comes to achieving their dreams drives us. They help out with every property and see what it takes to follow what you love. In addition to two toddlers and a teenager, we have two dogs that keep us on our toes!